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  •  Hi Galen, I just had to send a note to let you know how grateful I am to have found you.  Your advice has changed my whole outlook and the way I look at life. I never had a male figure in my life who I could go and talk to.  Now that I look back at it all these years god has blessed me with you.  When I had no one to talk to, and no where to turn you were always there offering your ear, astrological advice, and your wisdom.  I remember being alone one night, it was around the time when Pluto was conjunct my ascendant.  I said a prayer to god, I asked god to show me the way, and I kept hearing a voice say Galen.  It's just so clear to me now!  Anyway I hope you never stop doing what you do because I am sure there are so many peoples lives you have changed through your work.  Words cannot express how thankful I am to you and what you have done for me.  I have learned so much not only about astrology, but about life. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! --DI

  • Galen's accuracy is just astounding! I have been studying astrology for many years and have never run across an astrologer with such clear insight. You will receive a personalized reading that will blow you away. Unlike many astrologers, he does not make vague statements that could apply to any person, nor does he sugar-coat things and tell you what you want to hear. You can trust that you will get an unbiased answer to your questions, but with compassionate advice and respect to boot. Thanks, Galen! ---TK

  • Dear Galen, Thank you so very much, you are wonderful! I understand very well what you are saying and I am quite relieved... Thank you again so much for your input, your sensitivity and the warm and caring attitude your words convey. -- C.G.

  • But if I can just say wow because I never really beleved in this sort of thing but you have been damn good at hitting somethings with me.... well I will look into myself and see if I can fix what needs to be fixed... man I am still shocked that your this good. -- J.L.

  • Dear Galen, there is no word which can express how much I admire you! You romance report gave me goose bumps and it`s been 10 min since I read it and I still have those goose bumps.. everything you said is entirely true. Based on all answers I got from you so far - you are the best astrologer I have ever came across so far. -- B.S.

  • Thanks very much for your insightful input--it is a lot for me to think about! You confirmed most of what my inner voice has been telling me. I appreciate you taking the time to compare our charts. -- B.C.

  • I'd like to say that I think you are a great astrologer and that everything you have done has proved to be right, even though i tried to deny it because I wanted things to be different. -- F.C.

  • Thank you very much for you wisdom...it is most insightful and very interesting. -- E.E.

  • your wedsite is the first astrology wedsite that really provide me the service in replying my enquiries. Once again, I want to express thank you to you for taking the effort in replying my question. -- C.K.

  • I was amazed at what you'd wrote over the karmic experience as you are absolutely spot on as regards to relating to each other strongly and feeling pulled and drawn towards each other. -- A.F.

  • Thank you so much for your detailed analysis of the current situation. I will be sure to take care of myself and keep an extra eye on the alert. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your advice. -- S.C.

  • Thank you so much for being there and being so compassionate and caring!!! I wish there would be a lot more Galens out there, the world would be a better place! It is not only a great pleasure but also a great treasure to have made your acquaintance. -- C.G.

  • As always, your response is beautifully written and comforting. -- V.K.

  • Your description of M S ... is amazingly correct, every single word fit right into the truth, so was the description and evaluation of our relatuionship/marriage - amazingly acurate. -- B.S.

  • About a month ago, I wrote you asking about my relationship with my boyfriend, wondering if we would ever get married. If you remember, you told me that if it was ever going to happen he would ask me by the end of February. Well, he asked me yesterday the 27th. It was so out of the blue I couldn't believe it. It didn't even occur to me until later what you had told me. It seems as though we have beaten the odds against us, as far as our horoscopes go. -- T.C.

  • Wow. I'm speechless. I thank you very much for your sincere and insighful appraisal of my situation. Being a sensitive myself, I felt it was a hopeless situation. But your response will help me make my head rule my heart, and not fall victim to his meaningless cooing. I think that you are very correct. Thank you. -- S.S.

  • Thank you my friend, I have needed your guidance and encouragement, of which you gave compassionately, I wish that someday I may help someone as you have done. -- C.G.

  • I just wanted to let you guys know that you were right I am pregnant Yeah!!!!!!! I have been trying a long time -- J.S.

  • Galen, I do thank you for your wisdom, honesty, and forthrightness. If you have children they are very lucky indeed to have a parent such as you to learn from. With much respect, -- T.G.

  • Galen, thank you so much. I had decided to end this relationship shortly after submitting J's birth information. Now I know I made the right decision! Also I want to say that I think you were exceptionally accurate because the problems you pointed out were things I was concerned about. -- T.L.

  • Thank you very much for your response. It was enlightening and therapeutic. You are so right about changes occurring in my life, right now. You have been of great help. Thank you. -- M.E.

  • Dear dear Galen, Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your reply really really help me a lot, you must be a truly amazing man. God bless you, and may the loving light be forever with you. -- P.J.

  • You seem to put so much thought into the responses. Thank you for the wonderful site. -- C.W.

  • Dearest Galen: Thank you so much for your "words of wisdom!" You are truly gifted at what you do! Everything you said totally made sense. It really hit home. I could tell this wasn't some general reading, this was from the heart! Thanks again for all of your help. I will never forget this. You're the best! -- T.K.

  • I like what you said though, it actually gave me some insight into things that he does or says, and gives me some strength to stand up for myself and make sure that the relationship doesn't turn into something unhealthy. Thanks again! -- V.K.

  • Galen, Thanks that info. you are right on the money! You are really good, thats why with him i couldn't understand how we could be all lovey dovey then the next miniute he tells me he doesn't want to be with me anymore. -- A.F.

  • Thanks much for the insightful reading. As far as personality traits and other factors you are about 97% correct. As far as the future, of course, time will tell. I have paid much more to receive much less precise information. -- C.K.

  • Thank you so much Galen. You really lifted a heavy weight off my heart. I feel I can breathe again. I am definitely recommending your web site to all. -- K.M.

  • Dear Galen, thanks so much for your help. I am truely impressed by the quality of your response. -- A.C.

  • K. called me at work today and once I spoke to him I told him I was moving on. He wanted to see me but I told him it was over. I didn't know I would say this, but it felt right. I cried for a moment after we hung up but I realized that I was also happy for the first time in a long time! You really hit the mark on both of us and reading your answer made me realize that we really weren't compatible. Thank you so much again, and God Bless you, -- L.H.