Thank you for visiting my new Internet site. You will notice some significant changes.  Subscribed members will have more privileges than visitors. 

At present, my new web site is still under construction. I have had to change web hosts because of a failure to obtain sufficient help from the old web host. This has been a long, slow process. The Words of Wisdom Forum is entirely new and is now ready for some functions (http:/astrologyhoroscopes.com/forum).  Readers will able to access the forum as before, but only members will be able to ask one question every 14 days.  This was necessary because of the time and expense of operating a web site like this.  Many people took advantage of the free use of this site and never gave a donation of any kind.  I cannot afford to continue in that manner.

Membership will be paid for in advance for a 6-month period, the exact amount to be determined later.  Members will be banned if they do not follow the rules or if they use insulting language.  No refunds will be made in that eventuality.  If there are insufficient members to pay for this service, the Words of Wisdom Forum will disappear forever. 

In the meantime you can contact me at me at my e-mail address: GalenHalimar@gmail.com if you have any suggestions about how the forum should operate.

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