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Free and professional horoscopes and astrology readings of your personality, future, relationships, and advice on your marriage, family, romance, and relocation. Whether you're searching for horary or electional astrology, synastry, composite charts, or questions related to astrocartography, you will find it here.

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Information to your specific needs comes from the wise Galen Halimar. Galen is the Web's foremost astrologer-physician. Don't look for superficial or cheap magazine/ newspaper one-size-fits-all fortune telling here. If that's what you're looking for, you'll find plenty of fortune cookie silliness elsewhere.


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Galen Halimar's professional reports are blessed with uncanny accuracy yet come in words easy for anyone to understand.

All requests for horoscopes are performed as quickly as possible. All horoscopes are sent promptly to you at your e-mail address or postal address, if you prefer.

Anyone can gain insight into his/her personal life, future prospects, love life, compatibility with that special person, change of residence or job, even past lives. Just about any area of life can be made more clear with personal horoscopes.

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